Bette and Bruce Alerts!


Okay…in Bette country we have a controversy…oh my oh my…is her appearance or Regis and Kelly Live (oops, I almost said Kathy Lee) a repeat or a brand new appearance????

Photo: Owen Franken

I’ve gotten a majority of letters thinking it’s a new appearance…and nothing is said on their website about it being a rerun…BUT, looking at the rest of the weeks schedule makes me believe it’s a RERUN. I mean Nicole Kidman is on Friday…and what are the chances of that…I think this was when the SW’s came out. HOPEFULLY, I’m wrong …if so, I promise to do something unseemly to appease you all…:-)

Anyway, the show is this Tuesday morning…check your local listings to be sure!


And Hey Vilanchites on the megabtytes
(that really doesn’t make sense, but it sounds good)…

Mister V will be guesting on the Jimmy Kimmel show Monday night…yes this Monday Aug 23rd (in some areas Jimmy is on after midnight, so technically that would be Tuesday)…but let’s not get bogged down in time zones…just watch for Bruce…he’ll be on with Debi Mazur, and also a gaggle of musicians…

So set your TIVOs, VCR’s or God forbid…just watch it LIVE!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend…

Love, Mister D

PS: Updates coming tomorrow???

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