Regis and Kelly (Bette’s segment a repeat)

I received several emails from some big Rege watchers…some were absolutely hysterical (funny) and I was so glad to see the humour some of my BLB readers have….Wendy, Frank, Aly, and a guy whom unfortunately I deleted his email after reading…anyway, here’s the dealio:

During the summer when Rege and Kel go on vaykay or the Olymics are playing (almost every major talk show is on repeat just becuase of that or pre-empted), Gelman re-edits episodes from the past into new groupings…last time around Bette was on with Lindsey Lohman….this time she’s not…she’s on with a hottie from the OC. However, Friday you’ll see Nicole Kidman and Lindsey Lohman….All of these will be previous appearances. You’ll see Bette and Nic promoting The Stepford Wives, the OC hottie promoting the OC, and Miss Lohman promoting Mean Girls…it’s just all mixed and matched…like Cher’s body….(just kidding Cher fans!)

So now those that don’t believe ME have to do something unseemly…and you MUST write in to tell me what you did to question The Divine Mr. D!!! LOL

Thanks to all those who wrote in to explain!

Love, Mister D

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