Bette on Randi Rhodes: “Light Up The Sky”

As I was driving home today I heard a familiar voice on my favorite talk radio show, The Randi Rhodes Show…it was Ms. Midler!!!! … my 2 favorite ladies in the world (besides my mother!!!)

Bette was on to promote the “Light Up The Sky”campaign…a form of protest against the Bush administration that doesn’t require a permit….the metaphor being that ” light transforms darkness.”

Bette talked briefly about marching with the Pink Lady’s yesterday (along with dragons!). She didn’t want to get too deep into the arena of harsh politics, but she let it be known that she thought the last 4 years had been some of the worst our nation has ever seen and that it’s time for a change….

Here is the mission of the Light Up the Sky organization which I believe was founded by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary:

The alarms have already been sounded and the authorities are ready for flaring tensions during the Republican National Convention in New York City. Not all of the preparations target the anticipated demonstrations. There are news reports that terrorists plan to attack the massive gathering. Despite the warning from the Department of Homeland Security, demonstrators appear unwilling to cede their right to redress. So, the question is, How can legitimate disapproval and valid security concerns be balanced? Perhaps this is a job for Design (with a capital “D”). Milton Glaser’s “Light Up the Sky” acknowledges the Republican’s right to a peaceful convention and the opposition’s right to express their concerns in public. In this interview he discusses the rationale for the following proposal:

The Republicans have every right to meet and choose their candidate in our city without abuse. At the same time, the convention creates an opportunity for all of us who disagree with the culture of militarization and violence that our current leaders represent. It is time to change the mean spirited and abrasive tone of our civic discourse. We need an alternative to the harsh and degrading words and images that have filled our consciousness since the war began.

An alternative response that requires no permit
On August 30, from dusk to dawn, all citizens who wish to end the Bush presidency can use light as our metaphor. We can gather informally all over the city with candles, flashlights and plastic wands to silently express our sorrow over all the innocent deaths the war has caused. We can gather in groups or march in silence. No confrontation and. above all, no violence, which will only convince the undecided electorate to vote for Bush. Not a word needs to be spoken. The entire world will understand our message. Those of us who live here in rooms with windows on the street can keep our lights on through the night. Imagine, it’s 2 or 3 in the morning and our city is ablaze with a silent and overwhelming rebuke… Light transforms darkness.

For more information:

You can hear a repeat of the show (streaming audio) on Air America: The Randi Rhodes Show from 2:00 am to 6:00 am (Eastern, I believe)….Repeats are also played on XM satellite on Saturdays….Bette is in the last half hour….

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