BLB Updates: 09-19-2004


New Music in the jukebox and BLB Records…put in a couple of remixes of “The Rose” and “Wind Beneath My Wings” (Thank you Erik) I also sang and played myself into a stupor for Mister Darrell trying to learn “Rainbow Sleeve”…I did the best I could, so I’m moving forward…LOL

Photo: What’s Everybody Looking At?!!! (Thanks Chaz)

TICKETS to KMB are going on sale all over the place, but there are some more yet to go on the block…keep your eyes open and keep your fellow Betteheads informed.

Look for Bette on GMA this week starting Monday, but don’t be surprised if you see zip…seems like nothing is ever right concerning TV schedules.

HERE are the results of the latest 2 polls that came down. My greatest hits experiment has almost come to fruition,,,the results should be up next month:

Which Is Your Favorite Song From: Bette of Roses?

To Deserve You 20.5%
Bed of Roses 17.9%
In This Life 12.0%
I Believe in You 9.4%
The Last Time 7.7%
To Comfort You 7.7%
Bottomless 6.6%
As Dreams Go By 6.0%
I Know This Town 4.6%
The Perfect Kiss 4.3%
It’s Too Late 3.4%

Which Is Your Favorite Song From: Experience The Divine (less previous poll winners)?

Wind Beneath My Wings 22.4%
One for My Baby 13.0%
When a Man Loves a Woman 11.5%
In My Life 10.9%
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 8.8%
Hello in There 8.0%
Beast of Burden 7.4%
Friends 6.2%
Favorite Waste of Time 4.4%
Miss Otis Regrets 2.9%
To Deserve You 2.7%
Chapel of Love 1.8%

It has been a long, tense week and I expect another one this week. So this is short and sweet. Thank you all for your patience with all these alerts…much appreciated…I know it can be annoying. But how often do we get a tour…

Remember Hulaween is coming up….Oct 26th

Bruce heads to Broadway on Oct 5th….

Look this week for some pics of Bette on Jane Pauley from Da’vi and some Stepford Wives pics from the Divine Sara…

I’ll also be posting a pic Sammy sent to me of Bette and Lily Tomlin visiting Mister V in Los Angeles after his hair-raising performance in “Hairspray”. I’ll post that on We Got Bruce!

Have a great week everybody!!!!

Love, Mister D

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