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Photo: Lady Puffy (I thought maybe people might be sick of seeing pics of Bette, so here I am…LOL….Please Don’t Hurt Me!!!!)

I had the pleasure of speaking with Terri from Experience the Divine by telephone the other night for the first time and what a nice young lady she is…friendly, professional, and funny. Just the way I like all my contacts to be….:-) Anywho…she sent me this bit of news which some might find interesting…

As you know, Dr Phil had a special last night on one of those liberal networks entitled, “Family First,” where they had short segments talking with celebrities and their parenting styles. Bette was shown talking about Sophie…It seems she focused on teaching Soph about the world “outside” of showbiz….because as we all know the showbiz world just ain’t the same as ours…so I’m surmising that Bette was trying to give Soph a truer perspective of the world…of course, since I didn’t see the show then I could be full of doody. But those of us who have followed Bette while raising Sophie, we know how strict of a mom she is (was)….hopefully there will be a repeat so we can judge for ourselves.

Terri said that there were also “nice cut-aways during Bette’s dialogue with pictures of Bette and Sophie, (in particular, the one of them at the 2002 Cynthia Rowley fashion show, which we have seen a lot of lately during other interviews), as well as a picture of Bette on Seabiscuit from “Kiss My Brass.”

Thanks Terri for letting me know…that was very nice of you. Hope to talk again soon….you, Darrell, and I can form a coalition of webmasters for the promotion of the Divine (COWFTPOTD)….what a catchy anacronym….NOT!!!! LOL

Anyway…the pleasure was all mine…I love talking!!!

Love, Mister D

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