Mister D Outlflies Moronica To The Main Event: Manchester


Photo: Thank you BaltoBoy Steve

Mister D: And Boy Are My Arms Tired!!! Ba-da-bing!!! Moronica, the bootlicking turkey, was bitching so much about missing her mating season that I just threw up my arms in anger and decided to fly up to Manchester myself to catch the opening of KMB: The Sequel!!

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to a few people and as always one can expect a few changes here and a few surprises there…a much tighter show , if you will. If I’m not real tired by the time I get home, I’ll make a spoiler page for those that just can’t wait…but I never like to go into too much detail…so it will be a barebones outline like I did last time…

I’m excited, but, boy am I tired…I’ve been up since three this morning and now I’m gonna try and get a little cat nap….

Talk to ya’ll soon…

Love, Mister D

PS: If ya ain’t going to the show, please watch the debates and grab a friend to check it out, too..anyone who wants to write me about it, feel free to give me your opinion…

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