All The Way From Bangkok: Thank You Jan!


Photo Scan: Jan G.

Mister D: Jan from Bangkok was kind enough to send this in to Darrell and myself and she’s hoping to get us a copy of a Belgian interview when she visits her mother in Antwerp. I left Jan’s explanation behind this magazine cover verbatim. Good luck Jan with your flight over to see Ms. M in NYC!!!:

Name : HUMO
Country : Belgium
Genre: TV weekly periodical
Language : Dutch
Date : 8/10/1978
Translation : “And now to Bette” (pun on ‘And now all to Bed’)

The HBO special from Cleveland had been broadcast at this point on Dutch (twice) as well as Belgian TV(twice).

This cover was to announce her concert on 16 October in Antwerp, Koningin Elizabethzaal. I was 17, and never before had someone talked so straight to my heart.

The HBO concert would be repeated after the Dutch concerts as there had been talks about a broadcast from Amsterdam but at last minute this didnt go through; the presenter on tv said “The management didnt find the quality of the image sufficient to broadcast our tape, so we give you the HBO special again.”

Thank you Jan!!!

Love, Mister D

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