Bette On The Boards Updates!

Darrell has put up a new song and has finally opened up our joint effort for The Staggering Harlette’s Page. The latter is a project still in the construction stage, but it should be fun. I just met all 3 of the girls from this tour and they are excited about it, so we’re hoping to get their bios along with Ms. Toni Basil’s, who has worked with every single one of them I think. She’s a taskmaster!

Also, the song Darell has up is from the show I saw when I was in college back in the prehistoric days….it’s called American Beauty and this was the only venue she ever sang it….so it’s a rare find and a rare treat…

Song Of The Week

American Beauty
March 12, 1976

Bette sings this beautiful cover of Ronee Blakley’s “American Beauty” during the 1976 Depression Tour at the Shady Grove Music Fair in Gaithersburg, MD.

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For the Harlettes page: The Staggering Harlettes

Love, Mister D

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