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SOS: Bette PLEASE Stop Elton!!!

Elton John has inked a deal with ABC and its sister production company Touchstone Television to develop a comedy series. John will portray a rock legend embroiled in humorous situations involving the people around him. The show’s creators say the still-untitled sitcom should have its pilot episode completed by next year.

John will be one of the show’s executive producers. The team also includes Bob Hawley, an associate of John’s who conceived the show’s concept. Hawley tells, “The story’s storylines will draw from over 30 years of Elton John’s experiences in the entertainment industry. I had brought this idea to Elton years ago and the time is right to do the show.”

John and his longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin wrote a new tune, “Him and Us,” to be used as the sitcom’s theme song. Hawley says there’s a great possibility that some of the artist’s famous friends will make cameos in the show.

Although John tours constantly and is appearing in his own Las Vegas show, “The Red Piano,” Hawley says he will make the necessary accommodations in his schedule to do the sitcom. “Elton is totally committed to this project,” he says.

As previously reported, John’s new album, “Peachtree Road,” is due Tuesday (Nov. 9) via Universal.

— Carla Hay, N.Y.

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