BLB Mini-Update: 11-14-04

Hey my Beautiful BetteHeads:

Photo: Firooz Zahedi (Thanks for the info Andy B.)

Long time no update, so thank you for your patience. Still not quite up to par, but I’ve got the “Divi” back in my name…I’m just waiting for the “ne” to shore it up! 🙂 A couple of more days should do it.

I have put up new songs in the jukebox and some goodies in the BLB records section. If you haven’t voted in the last week or two there are some new polls up, also…

Thanks to those who are sending in reviews…not all the papers are printing them this go round…not sure why, but the fans always come through.

Bette heads into Bush country for the next 3 cities…you go GIRL!!! Being Divine always trumps politics though…treat her well or I’ll have to sic the Yahoo message board members on ya…ya don’t mess around with that group!!!! Lord have mercy, that place reads like a transcript of “Cops”….whatcha gonna do???

Don’t forget to check out Bette’s duet with Rod Stewart on his new CD, “Stardust.”

If you’re in New York, don’t EVEN think about missing Mister Vilanch in Hairspray…the musical is still going strong, so get thee to it…

As always make sure to check out Bette On the Boards and Experience The Divine, and all the other great Bette sites. Everybody brings something unique to the table…so spread the love!

Thanks for the emails,,,I’ll try to answer them soon..
Everybody have a great week!

Love, Mister D

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