Nawlin’s: The Good and Bad

Barry and I made it to New Orleans and are very excited about the whole trip…our hotel is really , oh, elegant…Le Pavillon…something like that…:-)

Bad News: Not able to meet with Ms. Midler after the show…supposedly she is flying right out of here…AND ON A PLANE!!! 🙂 Anyway, that was a disappointment, mainly because of those who wrote me to give her fan mail. But be not disheartened…I have my ways and I have my means…in fact, one could say I am my OWN Ways and Means Committee. Just don’t fret because I know how to get them to her. The emails sent for Hulaween are fine…they arrived at their proper destination…

Good news: My parents are here with me and we’re celebrating their 50th anniversary…I’m taking them to GW Fins tonight and then Bette tomorrow night. My dad has never seen her perform live…he used to yell at me for playing her albums all the time so loud…well, how do ya like me now, Henry…??? Oops, I just quoted Toby Keith!!! Anyway this will be a blast..I’m meeting more BetteHeads and one of my old college roommates that I have not seen since college….now that’s scary…

So there may not be time for any updates until I get home Tuesday….

Thanks to all those who sent emails for the New Orleans trip…I won’t let you down… ya may not like me, ya may think I change my mind too often, but I try my best to keep my word…BUT we all must agree that I’m Divine!!! 🙂 But not as divine as Bette, of course!!!

Love to you all,

Mister D

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