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BLB Updates: 11-28-04

All New Updates in BLB Jukebox, BLB Records, Polls, and Mister D’s Adventures in The Big Apple….Come check it out!

Special videos from Darrell Redmond and BetteHead Julia and The Sagettes (Alexandra Taylor and Kay Koch). You must have Real Player to view these…maybe the updated version…not sure.

4 new polls are up…

The results of the last 4 are:

Which Song Is Your Favorite?

You Don’t Own Me 41.4%
Somewhere Along The Way 11.6%
God Help The Outcasts 11.4%
Blueberry Pie 9.5%
It’s Gonna Take A Miracle 6.8%
Strike It While It’s Hot 5.4%
Somewhere In My Memory 4.9%
Up Up Up 4.3%
Perfect Isn’t Easy 4.1%
Sweet and Low 0.8%

Do You Plan On Buying Rod Stewart’s Stardust…American Songbook: Vol III With The Bette Duet?

Yes 41.5%
No 34.5%
Undecided 24.0%

Do You Plan On Buying The Stepford Wives DVD?

Yes 76.6%
No 12.2%
Maybe 11.2%

Which of these KMB segments is your personal favorite?

Delores-Broadway 26.1%
Sophie Tucker 20.7%
Mister Rogers Tribute 18.9%
Judge Judy-Nobody Else But You 18.0%
Rosemary Clooney Tribute 9.9%
Chapel Of Love – Celebrity Marriages 6.3%

Also my opus is up: Mister D’s Adventures in the Big Apple along with a bevy of pictures in the scrapbook…there is a link in the article to those. Thanks to Darrell, Barry, Steve, and all those that were remotely involved in the story and pictures…

I’ve also put up reviews of the Rod Stewart CD … those that mention Bette…you’ll find those in the music reviews section.

Hope you enjoy. Updates to music and polls will start coming in monthly cycles in order to take some pressure off of me…so please forgive me for that. Just need some more time to myself.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn’t overdo it too much!!! And to think Christmas is just around the corner!!!

Remember if you went or are going to any of Bette’s KMB tour stops…drop me a review…I could use more from every city, so don’t worry how long ago it was…

Love, Mister D

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