Let’s Talk: What To Do? What To Do?

Wow, this picture of me is over 30 years old…I think right around the time Songs for the New Depression came out….so young, so naive, so cute, so THIN!!! 🙂 Anyway, my ex-roommate found me thru this site and sent me this picture today…how cool!

Well, I’ve been laying low and trying out this “no commenting” stuff and leaving myself out of the mix…and I must say….HOW BORING!!!! So this isn’t working for me! And to tell you the truth, I’m not sure what I’m going to do or what direction I will be taking Bootleg Betty this year. A few people know that I have been mulling over the abandonment of BLB since after the first leg of the KMB tour. I was actually considering calling it all off as soon as The Stepford Wives hoopla was over, but then KMB II happened among other things. Since the end of that tour, it weighs on my mind constantly. Part of me feels I have taken the site as far as it can go and then part of me says that I’ve put too much work into it to just leave it hanging. So I guess I’m at a crossroads and am not quite sure what will transpire. I know I’m very spontaneous in my decision-making, but I promise not to just rip it down like I did a couple of years ago.

This past election had a pretty profound effect on me, much like 9-11. When 9-11 happened I became less fearful about most everything and started becoming more vocal, much to some people’s dismay….but I had to go thru that and probably was somewhat intolerant, as well as intolerable.

This election, however, has made me want to become more active…politically. What this means is that I will be more active in my community as well as becoming more educated in the ways of how the system works. Over the next 16 weeks I will also be taking an intensive writing course so that I can hopefully shore up the way I communicate in the written word…so I don’t write sentences like the last one! 🙂

So what does this have to do with Bette/Bootleg Betty? Well….expect changes. I will never go into detail about my conversations with Bette….but one thing that came up was “change.”….we all go thru changes…sometimes we want people to stay the same or we want to stay the same or we want things to remain the way they are, but that’s just not likely to happen…not if you keep on trying to learn, grow, and/or experience life. You would think most people would welcome this, but with many change is uncomfortable and it is avoided like the plague. Personally, I welcome it or else I would be bored to tears….

I think you will see me pulling away from BLB to some degree. With my new schedule I won’t be as accessible and probably won’t be able to answer emails like I used to. If they are basic questions, it may be best to go through the groups or clubs. I will post stuff as quick as I can.

To keep my interest afloat, you can expect more commentary interweaved with Bette articles….and yes, it may be political. Those of you who can’t stand even the least bit of opinion mixed in with your Midler, then this place may not be in your best interest. However, I know that that’s just a small minority of you. So unless I hear from Bette’s people to “cool it” …..well… 🙂 And if I just grow bored, I’ll leave the site “as is” for historical value….LOL

I really appreciate, more than you’ll ever know, everyone who has contributed to BLB, and I hope to keep doing collaborative work….it keeps the site vibrant and it keeps me interested.

Last year was quite the year and I don’t ever forsee anything like it again, but wow, what a memory it will be…

Thanks to all who sent me Christmas Cards…I’ve been rude and haven’t written any of you back. I apologize and I hope to catch up with emails soon. I really needed a break from everything, especially the computer…I’ve pretty much been tethered to it for 2 1/2 years…and that’s quite a long time.

I appreciate you listening to me and hope you will bear with me until I get my footing on where to go from here…..

Here’s to a fabulous and divine 2005!!!!

Love, Mister D

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