Bette on Australian TV Show Via Satellite: Thanks For The Report Alisha!!!!

An Australian resident, Alisha, was kind enough to give BLB the lowdown on “A Current Affair” and their interview with Bette. I’m at work so I’m loading it up “as is.” Many, many thanks to Miss Alisha!!!:

She looked really beautiful with her blonde hair out and she had a pink sweater on with a green shawl.

The interviewer Tracy started the interview by asking Bette why it has taken her 26 years to come back Down Under and Bette said how much she loved Australia and it’s crowds and couldn’t really believe that it was 1979 the last time she came here. Bette then went on to how how it was the biggest show she has ever done and how she has a great band, girls, sets, costumes… all of which she is very proud of.

Tracy then asked if Bette had as much stamina and drive as she used to and Bette said ‘NOOOOO!’ and she is actually ‘surprised at how long she was an adolescent for’. Bette also believes that her choice to work so hard at the moment is hormonal.

The interviewer went on to ask Bette if she had any more ambitions that she would like to achieve and Bette said that she would love to skydive and whitewater raft but she had been bought up by her mother who was afraid of her own shadow…to be afraid of the ‘boogie man’…so, like she hates the cold and does not ski, she is too scared to skydive or white water raft. Tracy said that Bette must be brave to a certain extent because she is willing to sing infront of thousands of people and Bette said that she belongs on stage and those who are scared of the stage can skydive instead.

Tracy asked Bette about whether she bonded with Nicole Kidman during The Stepford Wives and Bette went on to say that she always saw Nicole as a stick that if you blew in her direction she would fall over, but she is actually a real broad who is strong and independant. Bette also said that she would love to meet who dresses Nicole and shake their hand because she always looks beautiful. She then went on to say that she hopes Nicole comes to see one of her shows when Bette comes in April.

Tracy finished the interview by thanking Bette for taking the time to talk to her because apparently Bette is overcoming a flu and Bette said ‘You’re very welcome’


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