BLB Updates: 02-01-05

Sketch: Sammy Miro

Well, here it is, a new month and new updates in music, polls, and videos. I didn’t think I could do it, but I did, so I guess that makes me still somewhat divine…your call!!!

I can’t tell everyone how sad the passing of Johnny Carson made me…I know he has been out of the public eye for quite a while, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Maybe I held out hope that he’d come back to TV one day, I don’t know. It just seemed that everytime Bette was on his show it was like an event…they had such rapport, and I’ve never seen that again. It was also great just to relive some of the moments that they have been playing on the news recently…a one of a kind guy that made you feel relaxed and comfy after a long day at work. I miss those days….

Poll results are in and it looks like I got me a little mandate to say and do whatever I want!!!! LOL Well, it was a bigger per centage than Bush had over Kerry….nanannanananananananananananana!!!!! But I will try to reign it in….key emphasis on the word “try” 🙂

Anyway the new polls are up and here are the results for last months:

Should Mister D Keep His Opinions and Comments To Himself (as if your vote will make a difference) :-)?

No 60.4%
Just Give Me Info On Bette, Biotch!!! 26.0%
Yes 7.0%
Depends 6.6%

Do You Think Bette Will Make The “In The Pink” Movie?

Yes 57.6%
No 24.6%
What? Sounds Like A Porno! 10.3%
Undecided 7.6%

Which Oscar Winning Best Actress Should Bette Make A Movie With?

Barbra Streisand 23.6%
Meryl Streep 22.7%
Julia Roberts 11.2%
Susan Sarandon 9.5%
Kathy Bates 7.9%
Shirley MacLaine 5.4%
Julie Andrews 5.0%
Cher 5.0%
Sally Field 2.9%
Sissy Spacek 1.7%
Jessica Lange 1.7%
Liza Minnelli 0.8%
Jodie Foster 0.8%
Charlize Theron 0.4%
Elizabeth Taylor 0.4%
Halle Berry 0.4%
Frances McDormand 0.4%
Jane Fonda 0.4%
Holly Hunter 0.0%
Faye Dunaway 0.0%

Which Oscar Winning Best Actor Should Bette Make A Movie With?

Jack Nicholson 30.5%
Dustin Hoffman 24.8%
Robert De Niro 11.8%
Tom Hanks 11.5%
Kevin Spacey 4.2%
Al Pacino 3.4%
Russell Crowe 2.3%
Michael Douglas 2.3%
Nicolas Cage 1.9%
Anthony Hopkins 1.1%
William Hurt 0.8%
Jeremy Irons 0.8%
Robert Duvall 0.8%
Daniel Day-Lewis 0.8%
Adrien Brody 0.8%
Paul Newman 0.8%
Denzel Washington 0.8%
Sean Penn 0.8%
F. Murray Abraham 0.0%
Jon Voight 0.0%

I want to send out a big ole congrats to all my Aussie friends who get the chance to see Bette’s Kiss My Brass….Not sure why she isn’t playing the west side, but maybe it’s not out of the question. I just don’t know…

And here’s keeping my fingers crossed for a European tour….and a DVD and a CD…yada yada…

I start my writing classes Feb 8th….I will try my best to keep BLB going and work something out…

Thank you’s and emails coming to Chef Bev, Snook, Cris, and Mark!!!! Sorry I’m just slammed…. 🙁

Until next month….XXXXX OOOOO

Love, Mister D

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