Bette Interview In March’s “Australian Womens Weekly” (Thanks Becca!)

Becca wrote in to give us the scoop on some interviews appearing in the Land of Oz. I’ll just use her own words and let her tell you:

I know this is a bit late, but for Australians, there is a big article on Bette in the March Australian Womens Weekly. I just got my hands on one, and will try and scan it for you. It was titled ‘Best Bette’ and talks about, ‘what makes her tick at home and why she’s looking foward to touring again Down Under’. There are a few big photos – one of Bette and Puddles (black and White), another full page of Bette with fuzzy hat (I think from the same bundle of black and white pictures that were on the Divine Miss Millennium program – on the back) and a few other smaller ones.

She talks a lot about Sophie : “She always wanted to know what drugs I took and how much booze I had. And I’d tell her I never did drugs or drank and that’s like a joke in my family because I’ve always told her you must tell the truth, and then I lie like a rug!” The article traces her history (once again, getting it wrong and saying she was born in NJ) She talks a little bit about Martin and why their marriage suceeded. “He’s good for me to be around. I know it can be hard for him being ‘Mr Midler’, but he has a great sense of humour about the whole thing and that helps a lot”.

It also has this : Once her Australian tour is over, Bette plans to return to New York, read many books each week and, most important of all, start thinking “pink” as she readies herself to star opposite Tim Allen and Cher as a door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman in the comedy In The Pink. …..Is this the last tour, you ask nervously? She raises one eyebrow, then the other, then smiles a mile wide. “I am not so stupid to say this is my farewell tour, but I think it’s the last of the really big shows. Honestly, when it’s farewell, I will probably be in a wheelchair. Oh heck, I know I will be.

Thanks Becca for the information. And I guess it’s “here we go again” on that “In The Pink” movie! 🙂

Love, Mister D

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