Stuff Like That There: 03-31-05

Paul K from Everything Entertainment wrote to inform us that Shout! Factory will be releasing the A & E biography on DVD presumably on June 7, 2005.

The great thing is that this DVD will have a ton of extras, including 3 full performances. This is all that’s known for now, but Paul promises to keep us posted and you can also check out his site on this thread.

He may also be getting the artwork for us to see ahead of time.

Darrell from Bette On The Boards, as you remember was involved in this project, as was BaltoBoy Steve…anyway, Darrell is going to try and find out more informtion as well.

If all this turns out as stated, what great news for Bette collectors. Here’s hoping we finally get some rare stuff.

Anyway, many thanks to Paul for his heads up….and Darrell, godspeed!! 🙂

Love, Mister D

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