Mister D & Chaka

Mister D: I recorded the following 2 songs in response to “Justice Sunday” that was televised on April 29th. Due to many obstructions and obstacles, I never was able to finish the songs until now. If you don’t know what that “event” was all about, you’re probably better off staying in the dark…however, if you want to learn something click on the link I made for it. It was, in my opinion, very arrogant and offensive in so many ways it’s hard to describe…very hurtful to us as a nation, a people.

Anyway, when I first heard about it, these 2 songs immediately popped into my head. One, a song by one of my favorite new singer/songwriters, Ron Sexsmith…the other, John Lennon.

Illustration Of Chaka & Mister D: Rebecca Hosking

The 2 songs are masterful in their simplicity and beauty of message. And no, Bette has never sung or recorded either (not that I know of), but I think they fit quite nicely within her divine nature:

God Loves Everyone
(written by Ron Sexsmith: Cobblestone Runway)
performed by Mister D (piano, keyboards, vocals)

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(written by John Lennon: Imagine)
performed by Mister D (vocal, harmony, piano, keyboards)

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Love Always,

Mister D

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