Yellow Beach Umbrella, Summer Hiatus: Part II

Mister D: I am heading off to Pensacola, Florida for Springfest, one of those big weekend long music festivals.

Artistic Animation: Thank you Tom and Sammy Miro

My brother, Woody Bradshaw, is playing one of these for the first time and the whole family is so excited. He also has a CD coming out, Here To Stay consisting of songs he has written or co-written (full production and band)…yes, very professional. For now he will only be selling these at concerts, but eventually I will have him selling on-line.

I’m very critical of music and that includes my brother’s, but I am so proud of this CD and so glad that he stuck to his guns to make it the way he wanted to make it. So I just had to share some familial love…thanks for indulging me! 🙂

The reason I’m writing this is because as soon as I get back , I’ll soon be going into surgery (nothing serious, unless I pull a Raymond), and then maybe one more… (my second one within a couple of months, but for different reasons)…I know, I share, I share too much…so I plan on taking a hiatus…hopefully for the whole summer. Hopefully….ROAD TRIP!!!!

A friend of mine said I had more comebacks than Mariah Carey, and I would agree, but I would also add that I’ve had more farewells than Cher! 🙂 Yes, I admit my flakiness!

I am honestly flat-out burned out. I’m not saying goodbye…don’t think I could do that anymore and mean it, but I am definitely handing over the Midler guru torch to anyone who wants to hold it. That’s a title I never wanted, and I can’t remember who bestowed that upon me. Believe me, there are people out there that probably know her daily schedule and live to only contemplate what she is doing….every minute of everyday! That’s not me…(okay, maybe when I was a teenager)…but the pace of this daily weblog has proved that I have mortal limits…so I have to slow it down so I can enjoy the full beauty of what life has to offer.

I may have to do some restructuring, I don’t know…but this format is much too time consuming, and I have to make it a little more user-friendly for me…dammit, I’m turning 50 soon! I feel a little prioritizing coming on…LOL

I’m proud of my accomplishments and owe so much to so many people…their names are peppered throughout this weblog and the website pages…but the main 2 people are Darrell Redmond (Bette On The Boards) and Barry Shermer…

In the meantime, there are exciting new things coming out…I have links everywhere for all this. Bette also has her big Spring gala coming up and I’m sure there will be some BetteHeads going that can share their experiences. I have links at the top of the page in the red box to the best sites for Bette on the net. So if you have any questions, please address them there…

Thank you all…remember, I’m not saying goodbye, just taking a well-deserved respite….there may be dry spells, but you can get your fix all over the internets, as George W would say….

See ya when I see ya….

Love, Mister D

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