Poll Results: From Last Batch!

Diva In Blue: Da Brat

Mister D:

All I can say is “barf” to those who picked “Copacabana” for Bette to cover…. 🙂

And to the almost 20% who voted to cut my vocal cords….

now you’re gonna hear all 4 Bette songs…BY ME!!! …when you least expect it…LOL

Anyway, don’t forget to vote in the BLB Summer Polls that are up now….

Photo Art: da Brat

Also check out Darrell’s commentary on a new page called Songs And Whispers…you might be surprised at what else you’ll find…

oh if only we could turn back time! 🙂

Which Of These Barry Manilow Hits Would You Like To See Bette Record? (Thanks Dana)

Copacabana 20.3%
Jump Shout Boogie 13.1%
Weekend In New England 12.6%
New York City Rhythm 6.8%
Looks Like We Made It 6.8%
Daybreak 6.3%
Could It Be Magic 6.3%
Can’t Smile Without You 5.0%
I Am Your Child 4.1%
One Voice 3.6%
Ready To Take A Chance Again 3.2%
When October Goes 2.3%
Even Now 1.8%
Read ’em And Weep 1.8%
I Write The Songs 1.8%
This One’s For You 1.8%
Ships 0.9%
It’s A Miracle 0.9%
Riders To The Stars 0.5%
Tryn’ To Get The Feeling Again 0.5%

Are You Going To Buy The New Bette Bio On DVD Released June 28th?

Yes 85.8%
Not Sure 12.9%
No 1.3%

Which Bette-Related Song Should Mister D Record Next?

Millworker 22.1%
The Rose 20.7%
The Gift Of Love 19.8%
Puh-Leeze Just Give Up, Mister D 18.9%
Martha 18.4%

Did You Buy Or Plan To Buy The New Beaches Special Edition DVD

Yes, I Bought It 42.5%
Yes, I Plan To Buy It 40.7%
Not Sure 9.7%
No I Don’t Plan To Buy it 7.1%

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