Australia’s Helpmann Awards: Bette’s “Kiss My Brass” Nominated

Mister D: Ms. Midler’s Kiss My Brass nominated for Best International Contemporary Concert. Her fellow nominees are Came So Far for Beauty: An Evening of Leonard Cohen Songs, Eagles Farewell Tour, kd Lang in Concert with the Sydney Symphony

The Total List: 2005 Helpmann Awards Nominees

Welcome to the Helpmann Awards

The Helpmann Awards annually recognises distinguished artistic achievement and excellence in the many disciplines of Australia’s vibrant live performing arts sectors, including musical theatre, contemporary music, opera, classical music, dance and physical theatre. The Helpmann Awards also incorporates the James Cassius Award for outstanding contribution to the Australian entertainment industry.

The Helpmann Awards, named in honour of Sir Robert Helpmann and to commemorate his memory and achievements, were established by the Australian Entertainment Industry Association (AEIA) to recognise, celebrate and promote our entertainment industry, similar to the Tony Awards on Broadway and the Olivier Awards in London.

The Helpmann Awards, presented annually, were inaugurated in 2001.

The Objectives of the Awards

The principal objective of the AEIA in establishing the Awards is to nationally and internationally serve and promote Australian live performing arts industry by:

  • recognising distinguished artistic achievement and excellence;
  • ensuring the Awards are administered and made with integrity;
  • ensuring the Awards are celebrated by the industry and the Australian community; and
  • ensuring the Awards are the most prestigious awards in the industry and the highlight of each Season.
  • The inaugural presentation (covering February 2000 to January 2001) was held in Sydney on Sunday March 25 2001.

    2002 Ceremony – Monday 6 May in Sydney

    2003 Ceremony – Monday 19 May in Sydney

    2004 Ceremony – Monday 9 August in Sydney

    The 2005 ceremony will be held on Monday 8 August at the Lyric Theatre, Star City in Sydney.

    The Helpmann Awards are honoured to have the support of Ambassadors Simon Burke and Amanda Muggleton.

    “Theatre remains the only thing I understand. In spite of jealousies and fears, emotional conflicts and human tensions, in spite of the penalty of success and the dread of failure, in spite of tears and feverish gaiety – this is the only life I know. It is the life I love.”

    Sir Robert Helpmann

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