Make A Difference: Hurricane Relief Resources

People are dying that didn’t have to die.

Give to the Red Cross, and your local facilities that may be potentially housing many who are homeless and have no where else to go. Give canned goods, clothes, blankets, and love, to the people who otherwise have nothing and feel so alone.

Count your blessings and give accordingly! Below are just a few resources you can give to make a difference.

The American Red Cross

Where can I give blood?

Individuals wishing to make a blood donation to the Red Cross may call their local Red Cross Blood Services office or call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.

Other Great Resources:

Network For Good

The Salvation Army

Community Voice Mail

Hurricane Housing

Reconnect Here: Tell Them You’re Safe

Looking For… Leave A Message Here For Missing Friends, Relatives

And Let’s Not Forget Our Four-Legged, Furry Friends That Bring Us Such Joy:
(Thanks Jamie!)

Relief Fund of The Humane Society of the United States

Don’t forget to ask your employer if they match donations to make a double impact on your efforts.

I am just biting at the bit to control my temper at the incompetency of this administration. It is beyond disgusting! Do you feel safe America????

Read the transcript, from the Mayor to The President expressing his frustration from what he is seeing first hand:

Mayor chastises federal disaster response

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And How Many Mississippi Reserves And Guard Are Not Home?

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