Bette Stirs The Pot Up First! Good For Her!

Frank Micelotta

I don’t have any audio/video, but Bette came out with a bang! She did some banter which we Bette fans so much love…she took quite a few digs at the administration….the ineptitude, the stupidity, the dangers, the lack of accountability…with her biting wit with what’s that called???? Oh, an element of truth. Hurts doesn’t it??? But, geez, if people don’t know Bette’s act by now…I mean, come on…it ain’t really worth the effort explainin’ is it???

She talked about getting a letter from the national Republican committee (by accident, I’m sure) thanking her for her contribution….she replied, “go fuck yourself”– postage due! (joke, people!!)

Then she talked about how George Bush’s coke dealer got him tickets to one of her shows in the 70’s…an obvious joke.

This was met by some boo’s in the audience, but this was drowned out more by the laughter…but it didn’t seem to phase Miss M, just like it didn’t on the KMB tours. Somebody has to say it….so you go, girl!!! Tell It Like It Is!!! Then she went on to sing a beautiful rendition of “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today.” Bette Sussman accompanied her beautifully as usual.

Thank you Bettes!!! 🙂

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PSS: Da’Vi was kind enough to send some screen captures from the local news in New York. Click Here

You know I didn’t hear a lot of the die hard neo-nippers (lapdogs to the neo-cons) jumping all over Cheney’s ass when he told Harry Reid on the Senate Floor to “Go Fuck Yourself” which could be heard on CSPAN(now if you all weren’t such hypocrites you should have been outraged that your Vice President acted in such an unseemly manner on the Senate floor, but ya didn’t, Blanche!!!)….so lighten up a little bit. You’re in charge of everything…the House, the Senate, the Judiciary, the Executive office….what’s there to be so vitriolic about? Isn’t everything just going oh so hunky dory???? Yeah, I thought so…love the policies…I live under them everyday.

Ms. Midler made me laugh tonight and left me with a beautiful song in my head and the world was all right for that short moment…plus she made some valid points that people just want to keep sweeping under the rug. Issues that we need to be talking about. Sure she framed them within the structure of a joke, but that’s what get’s attention and draws one in…why aren’t we talking more about global warming, the wetlands, inequality, accountability.

At these events, you are most likely always going to hear something you don’t want (that goes for all of us), but to paraphrase the Rolling Stones, sometimes, just sometimes, you might just find you’ll hear just what you need…sometimes we need that little jolt…so lighten up, do a little research, and take a little time to read…and I don’t mean opinion pieces. Just try!

Love, Mister D

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