Reminder On Subscribing To BLB

If you decide or DARE to subscribe to Bootleg Betty, please remember to reply to the confirmation email by clicking on the link contained within it. If you don’t, then you’re not really subscribed and you won’t get any of the obnoxious updates or “at my whim” tid-bettes! (I know…don’t you just love the play on words!)

Anywho…I have a lot of email addresses here that I am going to re-enter that were never confirmed…maybe they ended up in your spam boxes or something or maybe you decided…hey, I changed my friggin’ mind…if so, then, don’t confirm it and all will be right with the world.

Everybody have a good night!

Now I must go watch Nip/Tuck so that I will never have the desire to EVER, EVER have any work done on my slowly aging, yet nubile body….boy is that show sick…and BOY Do I Love IT!!!

Love, Mister D

PS: Also, make sure you type your email address in correctly…this could be the malfunction as well.

PSS: I’m getting emails from peeps not knowing that they could subscibe to BLB which means we are all suffering from information overload. Look for the subscription box off to the left hand side…scroll down and it’s right under BaltoBoy Bette Scans…look for his cute little muscular logo…I know I do everyday! I love him like I love his scans!

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