Redux Rebound: Higher Ground CD

Mister D: Okay, this is driving me insane…okay, not really, but it is slightly causing a crimp in my time going back and forth on this…so I’m just ordering the damn CD because the music is good and it’s for a great cause.

Okay, one minute has Bette’s live version of “Is That All There Is?” (hell yeah!) on it, then the next minute it’s gone. Now, today, Billboard, says there will be 15 tracks on the CD, while has only 14 tracks. Guess what? With the 15 tracks, that puts Bette back on the CD! Cool beans! I’m thinking Billboard is right..they are the bible of the music industry and not subject to as much interpretation as the other one, I might add (oh Mister D!!!!!!)

Also to add more confusion to the mix…if you check out Blue Note Records…they add 2 bonus tracks to the 15 that Billboard has….but they do have Bette listed.

So my guess is that Bette will be on the dang CD….but don’t hold me to it…those who (m) are frugal may want to wait until they see her name on the packaging! LOL

Love, Mister D

PS: Once again, you can pre-order the CD – release date – Nov. 22, 2005: Click Here

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