Happy 60th Birthday Ms. Midler!!!!

Mister D: Yes, the video should be up some time today…you know “queens”…always late, but we always look fabulous!! 🙂

Happy Birthday 60th Birthday Ms. Midler!!!! You’re Fabulous, You’re Marvelous, You’re Divine!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and the most glorious year. We all know the best is yet to come and we’re behind you every step of the way!!! Personally, I will not rest until I see that damn OSCAR in your hands….and believe me, it will happen!

Thank you for the joy and inspiration you’ve been to me over the years…words can not express. The movies, the music, the concerts! The way you connect with people on so many different levels astounds me (altho some of the people that connect with you kind of scare me if you get my drifteroo…but I digress!) And to top it all off, I love the fact that you’ve become this awesome role model of what a true citizen should be….your work with NYRP and the many, many other charities you are involved in that many don’t even know about…you are truly a dynomite package…a divine package…something anyone should be proud to aspire to be.

May this be your best year yet. You are a remarkable lady (along with my mother…Hi Mom!!!) and you are truly adored by millions around the world. So Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! And Many More Please!!!!

Love, Mister D

PS: And Martin…I know my invite to the surprise party must have gotten lost in the mail, but that’s okay, it’s flea bath night for the cats…can’t miss that!!!! 🙂

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