It’s About Me, Mister D! Aren’t Ya Thrilled?!

A lot of you have been asking…uh, 2 people, to be precise….how my first gig went. I had planned to write quite a bit about it, but I’m just lazy and too much is happening all at once, so this will be rather brief.

Because of my performance, which for a debut, was killer, I guess, I’ve gotten other requests to play out. I’m even doing a small, but fabulous radio show – The Madelyn J. McCray Show – Broadcast From The Church Street Cafe. It’s primarily a talk show, so I will be interviewed and be the first musical guest ever!

This particular performance was for the Mid-TN Stonewall Democrats at The Church Street Cafe on 09/16/2006 7:00 PM. I was on the bill with Steve Mogck, Freddy Freeman (nominated for OutMusician of the Year 2006 in the OutMusic awards), Bobby Milford, Cindy Burch, and Nekked. The latter group flew in from New Jersey. They were awesome, hot looking, talented, and ultra-nice. I was the only novice and all the artists were so supportive.

I was the third act to go on….I ended up changing my set right before I went on. I dropped 2 songs and went with John Prine’s “Hello In There” and Will Kimbrough’s “Less Polite,” a nice political rocker a la Elton John and Billy Joel. Since everyone else did their own songs, I felt I had to make up by being the “entertainer type.” My years of sucking the inspirtation out of Bette and Bruce paid off in spades. I found out I had a natural ability to talk on stage, make jokes, and easily drop the F word! 🙂

I was supposed to play Saturday night, but got a sinus infection or virus and had to cancel the benefit, but there will be more to come. Currently I’m working on trying to get a weekly night at the cafe. I have 2 upcoming gigs at Caffeine Bar and Cafe in October – those will be hour sets. So this is just awesome. I’m poor, but I’m doing exactly what I want…therefore I’m grateful to be so happy. I’d like to thank Bobby Milford and Daniel Lee for bringing me into the fold and taking a chance on an old, old novice.

Photo: Barry Shermer
(Mister D and Nekked)

But this should show people that no matter what age you are, if you open your heart and mind to the universe, it will give back to you in spades. You just have to let go of the fear!

My brother was playing a gig across town the same night and was surprised to be signing his record deal afterwards. So, all in all it was a great night for the Bradshaw family. Who knows…maybe one day we will do a duet!!! LOL

This week I will not be around much at all for updates and especially any email stuff. I’ve got a whole week of Music Classes, called Songposium, to try to open my creativity up just a notch. These run all day and then in the evening they are topped off at the famous Bluebird Cafe for some of the best songwriters in town performing. All the classes are taught by hit songwriters…one of my teachers will be Beth Nielson Chapman. She’s friends with Bette and she knows BLB…so that will be awesome. Need to remember to take a camera!!! 🙂

For my class schedule, you can CLICK HERE

Everyone have a fabulous week. I’ll do the best I can about updates, but it will be rough.

Love, Mister D

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