Tid-Bettes: It’s A Wrap!

Mister D: Thought I’d tie some loose ends up on some internet rumours and stuff like that thar! The Movie, Vegas, The CD Box Set, Sony, and Martin Short’s “Fame Becomes Me”

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From the Bette Camp:

  • Filming on the movie, “Then She Found Me” wrapped yesterday, October 18, 2006 at around 5:00 PM. All I know is that someone was very tired and said they could finally “get some sleep.”
  • The Liz Smith thingie about a Box CD set from Atlantic with missing songs from “Songs of the New Depression” is FALSE! At the present, there are no plans for a box set. Very disappointing!
  • Those pesky rumours about Bette in Vegas are all talk, but no action, so far. I was told Elton doesn’t leave until late 2008 or early 2009, so that is quite a long time away. Therefore it could or couldn’t happen, but definitely not in the near future. So be aware that there will be a lot of speculation for a year or so…
  • I’ve been promised that Sony is definitely working on Bette’s official site, which is such an insult to Miss M by the way, but to please be patient. So I’m patient, are you? Well, be patient!!! There are a lot of important issues out there that need to be addressed. Remember to vote Democrat so we can get some checks and balances on the thugs holding the White House hostage. It’s serious. Get out there and vote!!! Then we’ll take on Sony! 🙂
  • There are no plans to air “Kiss My Brass” on HBO! Why? Why? Why? Because, I guess!
  • According to Marc Shaiman, Bette should appear as Jiminy Glick’s guest in Martin Short’s “Fame Becomes Me” on Broadway next Tuesday night, October 24th! I, myself, will not be able to attend, for I shall be interviewed on the Madelyn J McCray Show the same night in Nashville at The Church Street Cafe. Oh Me, Oh My…Bette and I are just 2 peas in a pod! LOL Anyway, I hope some of ya’ll get to attend and keep me abreast of the situation! (Thanks to Karen from www.colinfirth.com for this information…you can find the proof by CLICKING HERE!)
  • And I think that’s about it for now. Everybody going to Hulaween have great and safe time while there. If you feel like sharing your experience with me and the others, send your thoughts and pics to me or any other site you wish. We’re a community! Spread the love!

    Love, Mister D

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