Mister D’s Brother, Woody Bradshaw’s CD “Lightning In A Bottle” Releases Nov. 21 (Universal Music Group/Primoris)

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My brother Woody’s single “The Last Thing You Do” was played on WSIX, a Clear Channel station, in Nashville and listeners were invited to rate the song 0 to 10. He got all 10’s. This is the first time anyone has received a perfect 10 since Tim McGraw.

The DJ, Gerry House, is on air in Nashville and on XM satellite radio so it’s broadcast all over. Gerry House called a friend of ours and said that Woody could have multiple hits on the new album “Lightning In A Bottle.”

Woody will be playing for Clear Channel headquarters staff and DJ’s Tuesday. Clear Channel has hundreds of radio stations and it will be a big boost for them to get behind him.

Please call your local stations and request the single. It’s already being played on country & rock stations in Ohio, TN, and FL.

The CD hits the shelves Tues (November 21, 2006) at Best Buy, Target, most on-line stores, and Mom & Pop outlets. For strategic reasons, the CD’s will not be placed at Walmart until January. If you like great country/pop music, this is one you will want and it will also make a great Christmas gift. If the store does not have the CD stocked, please ask for it.

It is important that sales of the CD show early strength in order for Woody to hit the charts.

Thanks for your help and Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Mister D

Woody Bradshaw: Our Song

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