RE: All My Friends: Please Vote “Bette” In This Survey-We Need U

This comes from Becci BetteHead (I like the sound of that!)

Hey, just FYI… you can vote SEVERAL times a day with any browser. My friend Megan has Internet Explorer and she voted a zillion times the other day… as did I, but I have Mozilla Firefox. So, you can pass that along if you want. All you have to do is close out of your browser entirely, and then open it back up and vote again. If you have another browser open, it won’t let you vote again. So, you just have to have one browser open and then vote, then close out and re-open… and repeat as many times as your heart desires. Megan and I voted while we chatted .. this weekend and we brought Bette from like 19% up to whatever she was when she was first place above that dumb Cupid!!! Which took a long time! It took like 15 votes to move her one hundredth of a percent!!!

Check the bottom link in the red box above and vote!

Love, Mister D

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