UpDate On Auditions…

The auditions will are being held at Caesars Palace in the theater. The time will be between 10am – 3pm on Monday and Tuesday. (August 20 and 21)

This audition is for professional dancers and choreographers…

I just want to stress that Bette will not be attending these auditions. She won’t even be in Las Vegas until some time in October. So if you are going there to get a glimpse, or get in line, or to stalk….you will be very disappointed. I promise! 🙂

Love, Mister D

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2 thoughts on “UpDate On Auditions…

  1. All I know is that they will be at the end of June thru July…I can not find out when tickets go on sale. Bette’s crew doesn’t seem to know either which really sucks on Ticketmaster’s part.

    Mister D

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