Midler, Manilow, Harlettes Reunion On “Roseanne”

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9 thoughts on “Midler, Manilow, Harlettes Reunion On “Roseanne”

  1. Yes, this was a fun moment seeing Bette back together again with Barry and her former Harlettes! Melissa Manchester, Jenifer Lewis, Charlotte Crosley, Linda Hart and Gayle. ( I believe that was her name! ) They told wonderful stories of the early years in which they worked together.

  2. Thanks Wendy and Aloha for the comments…I also want to thank and apologize to Stephen, Rebecca, and others for not replying…

    Even though I’m stuck sitting for 4-6 weeks watching the days gone by on my fabu painkillers, I am so obsessed with adding photos to the gallery I never bother much looking at the comments…LOL I’m trying to put up all my pics and then scanning more for later…but I have a long way to go and I keep messing up…

    Love, Mister D

  3. I really love this clip but knowing how uncomfortable Bette was with the surprise (and leading to a fall-out with Barry) makes ME a little uncomfortable watching it.

  4. Yes, this is interesting, seeing how people feel about this video in retrospect. No one ever really thought a thing when this first aired (altho a few little things could be picked up). But now knowing the story behind it does make one a little uncomfortable.

    Love, Mister D

    PS: But I think it was brave of Miss M to admit she learned a lesson from it…most people, much less celebrities, would admit that. But I did understand where she was coming from…I’m not much for surprises either…

  5. Hey Brandon:

    I think she talked about it on Biography and some talk shows….even print interviews. The past is the past.
    Glad you recognize Mr. Manilow’s talent… alot of people make fun of him, but he’s awesome in anything he attempts…


  6. Hey…sorry I’m a new Bette fan so I was just wondering what the story actually is behind this?? Thanks!!

  7. The story is…Bette and Barry had not seen each other in a while. So, when she was on Roseanne’s tv talk show, Roseanne took it upon herself to play a little trick on Bette and invite Barry and some old Harletts (Bette’s back-up singers) to the show to perform.
    Well, Bette was not awear that she would have to sing, so, needless to say, she was a little upset. After she did the show, she reliezed that she had been a bad sport over the whole thing and did applogize to everyone.
    I hope that answers your question about the video. I’m sure there are others here that can do a better job…lol…I tried [=

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