Updates: 10-24-2007

Hey Everybody! What’s on your mind????

Just wanted to remind everyone that the Charity Buzz Auction starts today. So register and bid if you can to help out NYRP. It’s fun and it’s always full of great prizes.

I’ve put up a slew of new pictures (with more to come) and a few more videos (you’ve probably seen them all anyway since they are around the internet) But these are for the folks who don’t have the time to do the searching.

Also Bruce Vilanch has honored me by letting me call his site…his Official Fan Page…so I’m very excited about that. So keep checking out his site at www.wegotbruce.com. He stays just as busy as Ms. M

Speaking of Ms M and busyness…she has so many events coming up, so keep your eyes and ears open by reading her site, www.bettemidler.com, and, of course, Bootleg Betty….

Much Love, Mister D

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