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Happy Hulaween 2007

To those of you who are going to Hulaween, have a fabulous time. Eat, drink (but not to the point of obnoxiousness!…that right is only reserved for ME!), take in the beautiful music of Sheryl Crow, and whatever Ms. M decides to do…which, of course, is always divine. If you meet her or say hello…give her a big shout out from Mister D. I’m just so sure my name will pop into your head when you meet her…LOL If you’d like to share some pics, please send them in, and if you don’t want to share, I just have to say this as politely as I can….”Fuck You!” 🙂 Well, goodness me, I don’t know where that came from!

LOL…I am so horrible…but it is Halloween. Anyway, here are some valuable tips from me to you:

  • To all the ones that are still able to “trick or treat” be careful…take a buddy or a BFF
  • To those who like to “trick” (if you get my drifteroo), be discriminating.
  • To those “treating” – well be gentle…
  • To the older but wiser crowd…well, I’ll be joining in unison with you all in watching Hocus Pocus (or any old Vincent Price movies), eating popcorn next to the one I love, and cursing ALL the people above….(Just a Joke!)
  • Sincerely, everybody who celebrates Halloween/Hulaween have fun and be safe….

    Love, Mister D

  • PS: I’ve put up 2 new pics from “The Friendship Garden” thanks to Candice and one of Winnie Holzman, who wrote the book for the musical, Wicked” too. So you’ll find that there, too…Click Here
  • Also, if anybody knows how Spence can find a karaoke version of “I Put A Spell On You” – the Bette version of course, please write as soon as possible.
  • A special shout out to Manny (from Australia) and his loved one who just got released from the hospital after open heart surgery. I think I can speak for everyone that we’re all glad the operation was a success.
  • Plus, thanks for all the emails and comments on my erratic behavior. I’m just very impulsive and really have tried to keep it in check. I will say, on my behalf, I think I’m just stir crazy (cabin fever). I had some extensive work done on my foot and have been stuck in this house for 5 friggin weeks with 12 hours a day being alone. My house has 3 levels because it’s built on a hill, so I’m basically confined to one floor.

    I can only watch so many of these lifetime movies where chick victims become strong at the end. I mean I’m glad they get their lives back….but now I’ve seen so many sometimes I just wish they’d croak, just to break the same formula these scripts use. And it’s always because of a Man that they clearly shouldn’t be with, so now I just scream at the television…”hey, lady, are you stupid…can’t you see through his lies?” Oh, it’s just too too much!

    Then last night I saw this horrid movie with Ally Sheedy where the poor thing is buried alive and all I could think about was if when her life passed before her eyes…did she regret all the terrible movies she made? Anyway, she miraculously wakes up and is able to crawl out of her coffin and then went on to bury alive her husband and his doltish bimbo mistress by sealing them in a yacht bedroom and securing the room as if a coffin…then she sinks the ship. The room stays dry, but they are at the bottom of the ocean. The last you see of them is looking out the portal (is that a window on a boat?) screaming for help…What world do they live in????!!!! Are they expecting a school of dolphins and that Ellen fish, Nemo, to come and help them.?

    I’ve read tons of books….Rosie’s “The Fame Game” I so eerily identified with how her mind works, it kind of startled me. She’s open to speaking about her feelings and trying her best to keep things honest and real. That’s not always pretty. Many people are uncomfortable with that and it’s a shame. All of my life I’ve been pretty open about my successes, my trials and tribulations. It just comes naturally to me, but it can be a positive and a negative, and you have to learn to roll with the punches. I find when I hold back my feelings, I just feel fatiqued. Sharing feelings whether good or bad helps invigorate me for some reason. My site is what it is…I created it, and I need to learn to accept that there will always be a part of me that will come out here and to just stop fighting it so hard. Also what’s weird is that when I interject my personality into the site, the readership goes up and I get more subcribers. Maybe they’re wanting to see a trainwreck…LOL

    I’ve also been reading political books (from leftists, the far right, to the middle) and my head is just spinning from the spin…everything is so black and white with these people…life is gray! We are just not going to get anyhere unless people start having an open and honest dialogue. Currently there are no real debates on TV…it’s just screaming at each other. Maybe things will improve after the Bush admin is ousted, but they have left such a trail of destruction behind them that whomever is elected as our next President will have to spend most of their time cleaning up the mess…and you can bet that mess will be around a long, long time.

    “An Inconvenient Truth” just scared the hell of me. Mr. Gore lives a few miles down the street from me, so maybe I’ll invite myself over for tea and crumpets and have a little chat :-;

    Other books, Amy Sedaris, Deepok Chopra, Naomi Klein’s new book, and “The Secret” I must have had 50, 000 people tell me to read this book…but the whole premise is not a secret…the power of visualization combined with belief/faith has been around since the Bible and many authors have touched on this for years. In retrospect I see how this has worked for me. But I found this book to be more about materialism and the superficial…and I’m sure that’s not what I was supposed to gain from it…so I will probably reread it. But for 5 weeks I have been trying to envision a more extended penis….and nada!!!

    Next week I finally get to walk AND DRIVE!!! I shall celebrate my new independence by getting in my car, speed, and get a ticket! Then I’ll feel alive again…:-)

    Happy Halloween again and thank you for indulging me….

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    3 thoughts on “Happy Hulaween 2007

    1. Hey Don,
      I just read Rosie’s book too… kind of interesting. It makes me look at her in a different light though. Seems like she likes doing what she does… but, doesn’t like the stuff that comes along with it.

      It also pretty much sealed the deal for me that Trump is a douche. Who’d have thunk it?

    2. Hey Don,

      I just wanted to let you know that there is a mis-print in the picture flies on Wireimage (where the picture of Bette and “Susan” came from)
      That is not Susan. It is Winnie Holzman. She wrote the book for the musical Wicked. As a matter of fact, she has been in a few movies too…I believe I saw her in Jerry Maguire.
      Anyway….I just wanted to let ya know about the miss-print…

    3. Thanks Wendy…you and a few other people just wrote. How embarrassing. And I sent the photo to Miss M and “Susan” as a kind gesture…LOL

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