Save The Date: When Does The Bette/Oprah Show Air? January 28th

It is true that Bette will only be doing a half hour and Martin Lawrence the other half. It’s not a diss on Oprah’s part…I don’t understand why people think that way…it”s just that Ms. Midler is extremely busy and only has so much time. Half the stuff she does we don’t even know about.

So let’s quit bitchin and enjoy the ride. Caesar’s has a lot of money invested in this show and everyone is under extreme pressure. Other than this, I guess I don’t have much else to say….

Everybody going to she show….have a blast….try to meet each other…and try my trick…go with low expectations….then you’re never disappointed….LOL

Love, Mister D

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10 thoughts on “Save The Date: When Does The Bette/Oprah Show Air? January 28th

  1. Mister D…..I live by that slogan….”Have no expectations…because then you don’t get hurt” GREAT ADVICE!!!!!! Thanks for the update for when the show will air! If I was paid for how many times someone asked me…”When will the show air?” I would buy Oprah! I am getting extremely excited to “Experience the Divine” in such an intimate setting….Once in a lifetime experience! Thanks again…Mary”bette”

  2. I sent in a video, the intial letter, and after I was e-mailed by a producer intially, another letter with some photos of myself attached. Then, about a week and 1/2 later, I got called by someone in the audience dept. requesting I be in the audience on Tues. I decided to give it a shot and pay the $$$ to fly out to Chicago from NYC. Here’s hoping it’s a gamble worth taking?

    So, has everyone just been contacted to be in the audience? Has anyone that sent in a video been told anything else?

  3. very, very good point, D!

    nope…I was not told much else, other than about that “Roscoe” movie preview the night before, time to arrive, yada, yada….they did not mention that Bette’s movie will be screened the night before, but I didn’t ask about it either….hubby and I will not be attending the screening of the other movie…what about anyone else? We watched a trailer on internet and it basically gives you enough info to understand what we need to know to be informed…but I wonder if we’d miss out on something by not going?? thoughts? do you think we’d miss something Bette related by not going to the movie?

    I think they don’t tell us much (or anyone that ever goes to the show or gets invited) so that everyone will be surprised and be anticipating…keeps the faces fresh for the camera…everyone remains interested and focused on every little detail…only a few select producers, Oprah and the directors know the “run” of the show and any surprises they have planned and they like to keep it that way until the taping day…I remember seeing that on a “behind the scenes” thing once about the Oprah show…anything could happen once we get there…so it is worth every dollar we are spending to see how this whole thing plays out…we will no doubt get a nice look into preperation for “Showgirl” and that’s exciting!

    as for my story, I sent in a video, sent in numerous emails (as did everyone in my LIFE), plus others sent in letters and cards…they told me they received a ton and watched/listened to it all….I am a real believer now…they DO read every email…I have sent in lots over the years…I was called once by a producer on Jan. 4th and got invited to be in the audience this week on Wed….

    hubby and I will be staying at the OMNI…anyone else? oh, and YOU WILL know me…Italian girl with hubby…he’ll have on black pants with a blue shirt (just like the background here!)…I have no idea what I’ll be wearing, but maybe for sure I will have on my BROWN knit UGGS…that’s the plan anyway…either a red turtleneck or lime green top, possibly…deciding is hard…I want to wear heels, but don’t want to tower over Bette if we do get to stand next to her…I’ll let you know anything else here before we leave…our plan is to relax the day before and get a good night’s sleep that night, too!! hope this info helps someone identify me!! I have no idea what we are going to be doing after the taping…is anyone up for lunch? just a thought…
    and hey, what WILL you wear? dressy, dressy or casual, comfortable dressy…this is directed mainly at the girls….WELL, you now what I mean….I suppose “GIRLS” can be taken, in this group anyway, to mean most everyone of us… =D so I guess, anyone just comment about attire…there are probably some great fashion critics among us…

    a friend that has been to the sho said everyone has a chance to take a picture with Oprah…I wonder if Bette will be available…maybe she will for just her “fans” that are invited…sure hope so…

    ~ g

  4. My scenario is much the same as all above, sent an email (no video). Got a call from a producer a few days later and then an email requesting a photo. Sent a couple of photos…lost sleep for a couple of days…and then sent another photo of me with my Bette collection. Shortly there after the producer emailed me again to advise me the audience department would be in touch shortly, the rest is history. The producer was super nice and didn’t seem to mind me emailing with questions etc.

    g – the movie screening relates to Martin Lawrence’s segment only and will have nothing to do with Bette’s segment. I’m flying to Chicago on Sunday and will attend the screening, thought it would be fun…and you never know, Oprah may show up!

    I have no idea what I’m going to wear, something bright as this is what they requested and rumor is you get better seats this way. I’ve heard varied stories related to seating, some say random, other say there are reserved seats for special audience members, I’m hoping we fit into the later category.

    Enough rambling. We’ll probably all have time to get aquainted in the holding area, I hear the seating proces takes a while.

    Whatever happens it will probably be the only trip I ever make to the Oprah show and to have Bette there will make it one of the once in a lifetime experinces!


  5. I have tickets to the “A” show. Is that when everyone else has tickets? God knows I don’t want to fly to Chicago and stuff to be stuck in the Martin Lawrence segment.LOL! Can anyone confirm that they are going to the A or B show?

  6. Darron,

    I don’t recall a reference to the A or B show. Just that the taping would feature both Bette and Martin Lawrence. I was told to be at the studio by 7 AM and that the taping would wrap up around 11 AM.

    Perahaps the B show refers to the afternoon taping that they sometimes do.


  7. Thanks Peter. That is when I will be there too is at the 7 am taping or “A” show. Here’s hoping the “A” show is Bette and the “B” taping is for Martin. Hope to meet you all there!

  8. Are any of you guys and ladies bringing a laptop. If so, if you wouldn’t mind, tell us about your experience and what happened. It would be really cool to hear about stuff like that there….:-) Not to get expectations up, but I still feel like there will be more, but then I don’t know Oprah…I’m usually listening to The Satan Smith Show….:-0

    Love, Mister D

  9. Back from Chicago – BETTE WAS FABULOUS!!! She looks absolutely stunning and we had so much fun. They taped about an hour with Bette and she even sang – “Big Noise From Winetka”. One fan in the audience received an expense paid weekend at Ceasers Palace to see Bette on opening night!! Sophie was there too and gave her first television interview! The show will air Monday the 28th.

  10. I’m going to OPRAH!!! David Cassidy is going to be on with Henry Winkler, Rick Springfield qand Malcolm Jamal Warner.

    I need info. Seems like this is a 70’s theme. Would it be ok to wear nice jeans, white shirt and Puka beads!!??.

    Will we get to take a picture with Oprah?

    If you are there early, do you get better seats?

    Show tapes 2-6-08. Airs 2-12-08

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