Summer Bette Shows Already On Sale!
Why Weren’t We Informed????

Thanks to “G” I found out tickets have already gone on sale. I’m pissed. I never received notification from Ticketmaster nor did I get a message from Bette’s Official Site. Unless it ended up in my spam folder – ah, just checked and not there.

If no alerts were sent out by neither, what a slap in the face to those of us who signed up for stuff like this…we shouldn’t have to check everyday with guesswork….that’s why one has an official site….

I may be out of line, I can’t go anyway, but I’m very disappointed and I know a lot of fans that will be, too. Also I feel like I’ve let my reader’s down. Quit putting us on the backburner.

You’ve made a beautiful site for Bette, but get your act together. Or is AEG just too rich to care.

Love, Mister D

For Tickets: Click Here

Ticket dates are as follows: 06/24/08 – 07/27/08

I just don’t get it…especially after I complained about any news alerts…I have yet to receive any from their site. You don’t know me, but you could use me…!

Love, Mister D

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4 thoughts on “Summer Bette Shows Already On Sale!
Why Weren’t We Informed????

  1. WE’ve been talking….not only is she beautiful on the outside…the inside is just as beautiful, too. I can be happy with the choice.

  2. OH, MY!! so you DIDN’T know either?? well, I am SOOOO glad I could help you all be informed here….it was strictly by accident that I found out myself…I received no email notification from AEG either!! grrrrrr…..I almost bought tickets for a show this month or next thru a “broker” and I was just checking Ticketmaster to compare the “real” going prices for such seats…and when I saw all the summer dates up I thought it was just that – dates but no live “links”…boy, was I wrong! as it worked out, I spent less to be in front orchestra than I was about to spend at a broker for 1st Mezz!! WOOT!
    ok, ok…as for the Oprah show…if you listen closely while Bette is showing off her “wardbrobe down memory lane” you’ll hear hubby whistle just as she shows her black “XOXO” top that she wore on Johnny’s last Tonight Show…THAT is hubby’s favorite Bette performance….you can hear a whistle as the applause/cheers die down just as Bette begins to talk about the dress…she also wore that dress when we saw her on tour around that same time, as well…I love that dress!
    also, just a couple of side notes…if you recorded and can go back…as Luzanne stood up, look at the ladies behind her in the background…I actually met them and hung out with them in the afternoon…neat gals from Chicago and Australia that I had perviously seen on YouTube and thought “gee, they seem nice – sure would like to meet them!!” how surreal and bizarre it was to run into them AT OPRAH!! also, as Luzanne is sitting hearing her “good news” from Bette, you’ll notice a black gentleman behind her, wearing glasses…we actually ran into him at our hotel on both Sunday and Monday, so we knew HIM that day at Oprah, too! random, but so neat…just a couple of cool things from the taping that personally happened to me…
    D, I am glad I posted that comment about the tickets!
    *hugs* ~ g

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