Pictures: Bette In “The Women”

Mister D: Here’s the first look at Bette’s character in the upcoming remake of “The Women” – Thanks Miss Susan J for this:

I’ll put both the pics in the gallery under “The Women”: Click Here

Love, Mister D

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15 thoughts on “Pictures: Bette In “The Women”

  1. lmao, Brandon you’re right. yo linda…
    it’s a wig, isn’t it?

    this is gonna be a very bettish year. two new movies and vegas. a new live album and dvd would be awesome too *winkwink*

  2. IRIR!! This is possibly the worst I’ve ever seen our beloved look in my entire life!
    Sjoe the hair kills me softly!!

  3. Well just remember, she’s not supposed to look like herself, she’s supposed to look like “Flora DeLave”. 😉

  4. Good countering to all the negativity Susan…LOL Okay, I’ll buy the character thing, but I wonder how you pronounce DeLave!!!! As if Flora wasn’t bad enough.

    (sorry for any animal or person named “Flora” It’s just my ignorance showing at this juncture in my life…I may grow to adore the name later…xxxoooo Isn’t flora that stuff that grows in your stomach?????)

  5. Brandon: Have fun at the Manilow concert. He does put on a great show. But then, he did, work with the masteress!!!

    And Christina….while you’re dying softly, ask yourself “why didn’t I say Mister D was my hero, too!!????” 🙂
    What am I? The gravity that smashes you to the ground??? My feelings are so hurt!!!! Damn that Darrell! 🙂

  6. Katrin…do you ever follow my advice? NO!

    Erik: Cheer up…it’s just for a movie!

    And my beautiful, beautiful Stephen…BANGS ARE IN BABAY!!!!! I think! Well, I really just made thet up…

    Love, Mister D

  7. In Roman mythology, Flora was a goddess of flowers and the season of spring. (and let’s keep it that way!)

    But yes, it’s also a microbial bacteria that mostly survive in your intestines…

  8. Well, Miss Crystal Ball, Know IT ALL (look, i can rhyme!)….thanks for the meaning…that would really make sense in Bette world….flowers and spring)


    Love, Mister D

  9. RESPECT Miss Crystal…you gotta tell me more about “roman mythology” when we’re in Vegas. not really 😉

    Don, what advice I never followed are you talking about 🙂 there are so many… countless

  10. Ha Ha Miss Katrin!!!!!

    Hey Da’Vi!!!!! xxxoooo

    Barbara, I sense VERY STRONGLY that you don’t like this wig. I bet you never see her wear it again, but you better prepare yourself to see her in it for the remainder of the movie. (I think her part is pretty small in this…so you might just want to take one anxiety pill….

    Love, Mister D

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