Reviews Are Coming In…Rave On “The ShowGirl Must Go On”

Mister D: I was told there would be no press (reviews) for 2 weeks…silly me. Anyway, I promised I wouldn’t post anything until after the show on the 20th, so my word will be kept. Except mine will be much more in depth…not really a review, but observances. Anyway, you can start reading reviews here. The reviews I’ve read were from the 18th…the show I saw was on the 17th….so I was able to see the first run through and I loved it…: Click Here

Love, Mister D

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6 thoughts on “Reviews Are Coming In…Rave On “The ShowGirl Must Go On”

  1. Why the EEEEFFFF is it working for me????? Let me play with it, then I’ll work on the link….haha….let me look at this…

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