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Those Of You In Vegas This Week!!!!!

Mister D:

  • Many have written in thinking I am in Vegas and/or how to meet up with me or other Betteheads…first things first…I AM NOT THERE, NOR WILL I BE…Count your blessings, honeys!!!!
  • Take advantage of The Bette Store before the show!!!
  • About meeting people…that’s a hard one…like I said, there are “BetteHeads” T-shirts in The Bette Store (it probably opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM.) I have absolutely no vested interest in the shirts, but there’s no better way to recognize one another than if you’re wearing it. So that’s just a thought. The “BetteHeads” shirt is simply an appreciation T-shirt to the fans who read BLB who have identiifed over the years as “BetteHeads.” So basically this a first that I know of where she has reached out to those who identify as core fans…”The BetteHeads”. I was just as surprised as you are/were/whatever/ and enough already about this. But to me they were a tad pricey and I’ve requested the price be reduced, so it’s up to you whether to buy it or not. But to me the artwork is classically simple and will be something you can proudly wear on your chest forever! Just take it off and wash it once in awhile.
  • Also take note of the “Bette in gold lame pedal pushers” and “Clams on the Half Shell” T-shirts…sorry to whomever, but I’m taking responsibility for those and a few others that are out there. The gold lame one…the feel of the T-shirt is like air! I love it!
  • Some asked about newer pics….and OMG, yes, there’s tons of things with newer pics on them and there is so much more than what I could previously list. I just wrote out the main items I could retain in my fastly frying brain of a head. Someone asked about posters and I swear I saw some (of the “Bette draped in boas!”….if you don’t see them just ask.
  • The store is just overwhelming for a Bettehead because we’re not used to seeing so much Bette-related stuff in one place…I can’t name even a 3rd of what I saw. I’d say be careful, but this is what Las Vegas is for…going home broke! 🙂
  • I think that’s it for now. You’re all going to be thrilled. I am so hoping they open this online but so far it is not. But maybe with a little pressure…LOL Otherwise this stuff, it’s gonna be on Ebay!

Love, Mister D

PS: One cat is well…the other I find out more today, but she’s coming home, so, yes, you can say she’s better, too. Thank you to all the cat lovers!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Those Of You In Vegas This Week!!!!!

  1. I will buy as many bette stuff as i possibly can from the store! The shirt is very nice. I’ll get one, Mr.D! Thanks again, you’re really awesome!!!

  2. Mr. D!!
    So sorry I missed you in Vegas after the first Preview!! I was there, staying with Eric Kornfeld, Bette’s writer (weren’t his original songs and jokes FABULOUS??!). Anyhoo… we heard you were there after the fact. Didn’t have my computer with me so didn’t have the latest Bootleg Betty news. Grr! Hope to get a chance to meet you someday!

    BTW: Saw the second Preview yesterday, and it’s even tighter and funnier than the night before (if THAT’s possible). Bette is spot-on and amazing–how does she keep up that energy each night? LOVED the show and agree–all Betteheads need to check this one out. Also, I agree the Bette shop is a bit overpriced–I bought the cheapest T-shirt I could find. Might splurge on a fancier one after I win the lottery. Har-har!

    Peace & Love to you, dear Mister D!

    Your friend,

    –Miss D (Deb from OH)

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