Bette Shop Information (Thank You Peter & Kyle!)

Mister D:

I feel the clouds of darkness fall upon me and I am frantically trying to blow them back into outer space where they belong. Maybe if everybody blew northward with me, I could escape what is to befall me. Why am I writing like this?

I am going to try and put some pictures up that BetteHead’s Peter and Kyle sent in of some of the merchandise from The Bette Store. This is but a fraction of what’s there, but they did a great job. Kyle says someone should videotape it all. If you do, send the mother in to me…:-)

Peter also found out that the gift shop will mail stuff to fans and was given 2 numbers:

The Bette Store

Store Number: 702-866-1091
Manager’s Number: 702-866-1092

Of course, without a list and prices, it’s hard to know what you’re buying. If someone attempts to call during the day, ask if they could email me a list and prices or email me for my fax number and I can get everything up on the page for everyone. Otherwise, I’ll try and call them tonight.

In the meantime, I’ll be putting some photos Peter and Kyle sent in up in the Bette Gallery. It will be under the BetteHeads space of the scrapbook. Give me a few mins and I’ll make a link: Click Here

Love, Mister D

PS: Everybody please give Peter and Kyle your undying love, thanks, prayers, whatevah!!!! Oh, and alway positive thoughts and energy. Send some of that my way, too….please!

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19 thoughts on “Bette Shop Information (Thank You Peter & Kyle!)

  1. Not Bette-shop related but, definitley Bette related.
    How the HELL is Madonna getting into the R & R Hall of Fame and Bette STILL isn’t in there??!!
    Okay, I’m going to pick up trash and get our community garden started today…in the cold, cloudy month of March.
    I’m outta here 😉

  2. I didn’t know if you had seen this!!! I just found it. Whoever taped this, I love them more than life itself. This was my FAVORITE part of the entire show. Soph induces tears!!!

    Sure the video isn’t the best, but the sound is incredible!

    Bette as Soph/”Glory of Love” on Ukulele

  3. Wowsa….I loved that part….I got chills during this part because I wasn’t expecting it. I added it to Boot Tube Betty….thanks!!!

  4. Hello Other Peter:

    I’m still putting stuff up and realzed I know nothing about clothes. People, please correct me if I’ve named something wrong.

    Yes a video camera would be great. LOL

    OOPs I’m not finished yet and people are sending in more pics….

    Love, D

  5. Wow, it’s all so… divine! I especially love the jean jacket and the pink rose T shirt. The bathhouse betty line of stuff doesn’t do much for me though, ’cause after you use up all the shampoo or soap or whatever, then what to you have? Just an empty bottle. 😛

    Thanks so much Peter, and thanks Don for all your hard work on this website. I love ya! 😀

  6. Hey Susan!!

    Some of those pics were just sent in by Kyle, so I’ll say thanks to him, too. There’s more than what I have right now. I have some things that are different and will try to get those up tonight.

    There’s dresses and track suits….yada yada!!! 🙂

    Love, Mister D

  7. I think the tank top is about 25.00, but that dang sequined thing is about 99.00. There’s more T-shirts with her 2nd album cover on it, too, also a Clams T-shirt.

  8. Hey guys all this stuff is awesome…I am just wondering does any of the shirts come in Plus sizes? SORRY I GOT SOME BIG TITS LMAO I need a lil extra room…..thanks

  9. Hey Mr D & All!

    Peter & Kyle!

    I worship the quicksand you both walk on, I will also kiss your smelly feet, feed you pealed grapes by the poolside whilst wearing a jockstrap and fanning you down with feathered fans, I will dance naked in the moonlight and serenade your names in a field of lentils, I will travel through time and space and name nebula’s after you both, instead of chanting “Praise Allah” I will chant “Praise Peter & Kyle” Your names will be graffitied on walls all throughout the land, you will both be saluted by the “Men Of The Order Of The Salty Pretzel” a fine ale will be brewed and named “P & K the finest drop” song will be written and sung about Peter and Kyle for all eternity!

    Now does anyone fucking know if any of this stuff is available for men???

    Big Hugz!



  10. Okay….thanks to Manny, nobody has to thank Peter and Kyle anymore! 🙂

    Manny: A real man can wear anything. That’s why I sit at this typewriter falling out of my Aloha panties!!!

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