Bette! Bow! Bang! Your’e Dead

Mister D: Delago Girl gives us this. A hot, sweaty version of Bang You’re Dead from the middlin’ 70’s:

Love, Mister D

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14 thoughts on “Bette! Bow! Bang! Your’e Dead

  1. Hey Mr D & All!

    I would love to hear Bette revamp this little gem for “Showgirl”

    I’ve always thought that “Bang! You’re Dead” to be one of the most energetic and uplifting songs Bette has recorded, even though the title states otherwise.

    Big Hugz!


  2. Yes, the title is so draining of any manly, womanly, animaly existence, but what an uplift. Yes, I’d love to see it revamped. There are a lot of songs I’d like revamped or just heard, esp….”Cradle Days”

    Love, D

  3. Oh god, I have this on tape somewhere, yeh this is showing my age, but I just don’t feel it. It’s a great song.

  4. cradle days, yes, I so love the song.

    Spencer, I loved the way you changed the chitchatting part during the song. good job!

  5. This has always been one of my favorites. I absolutely LOVE the Live At Last album, mainly because of this song. I also love “Cradle Days” (and “Hurricane” for that matter!). Personally, I wish Bette would revive “Whose Side Are You On?”… another fantastic, energetic performance!

  6. Stephen: I can’t believe how much we like the same songs. You’ve mentioned others in the past that I thought the same thing. Maybe it’s her rock period. I’d also love Here Comes The Flood….that era, too.

    Love, D

  7. “Maestro, play it LOUD & play it WET!!”
    Fabulous job missK! I know you’ve worked your little tuchas off to make your DIVINE masterpieces. (-;

    Spencer: You did a amzing job as well singing the hell outta Stay With Me!! Katrin and I attempted that in the car on our way home from Mister D’s house. We lost our voices for days…(-;

  8. Katrin and I have made an executive decision we need to have a Bette-head bash in Vegas on the final show. Cradle Days…ugh…..that song is just plain epic!

  9. I LOVE “Bang You’re Dead”!

    In fact, I love all of Bette’s music and the “Live At Last” album. I only wish “Live At Last” had been released as a DVD like “Divine Madness” and “Diva Las Vegas”.

    There’s only one small problem…I can’t get the video to play on my computer. For some reason, I can either get sound or picture, but not both, and the video will inevitably freeze on my computer and it will stall.

    No matter, I have this song on CD (and listen to it endlessly), as well as “Hurry On Down”, “You’re Moving Out Today” and “Up The Ladder To The Roof” – my other favourites. I’m also fond of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” (the version on this album especially), and “The Vicki Eyedie Show”.

  10. Michael,
    pause the video right after you started it and give your computer some time to load it. If it doesn’t work try this link

    you’re right, I wish we had more DVDs from Bette’s 70s concerts. It’s time to release KMB and DMM too. But I’m still hopeing we’ll get a Vegas live DVD. the live at last album was never released on DVD but there’s a show on VHS “The Bette Midler Show” which is a tv special where most of the album songs been taken from.

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