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The Official Poster For “Then She Found Me” – For Now

Mister D:

Jacob from was kind enough to let us know that this will be the official poster for the US release of “Then She Found Me.” However, I remembered reading somewhere there was to be a poster which featured the men more, so naturally I began to wonder… So I called the Director of Publicity at ThinkFilms and was told there will be another poster for the US release (a total of two) which is still in the works. I still hope it features Bette, but only time will tell. Anyway, here’s the first version we will see:

I will be leaving for New York City for a few days, so there may be some lapses of Bette news or anything new. I’ll be back on the ball come Sunday. Everybody have a great week and keep your eye out for Bette tickets to go on sale just to play it safe….

Love, Mister D

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5 thoughts on “The Official Poster For “Then She Found Me” – For Now

  1. LOVE IT! thanks for posting.

    Btw, I would love to meet you while you are in NYC. I’m headed to Wash DC for the weekend (thurs night through Sun night). Is this the time you will be here?

  2. Stephen:

    I’m arriving Wednesday afternoon and leaving Saturday. I’d love to meet you but that doesn’t leave us much leeway….

    Love, Don

  3. I love the poster, I really do!!. I think it is perfect. Bette is a star even on her knees!!!!!!!!!. Enjoy New York Mister D!!!!!!!!!.



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