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Bette Promotes New Movie Only Today….

I just received word that the only promotion Bette will be doing for THEN SHE FOUND ME is today. You can see her in blips on CNN, Extra, Fox. NY1…, etc. Not sure why this is it….she is quite fabulous in this movie…

Love, Mister D

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4 thoughts on “Bette Promotes New Movie Only Today….

  1. Hello my darling Mister D!

    Sorry i have never been in touch but the divine Ellis has had me on my toes as per usual 🙂 ( I just bought her a mermaid costume and i must send the video and pix of her in it with the poi balls, it’s hilarious!!! Delores Delago Jr has been born! She try’s to copy the songs and jumps about soooo cute and funny!) But anyway i will email you at some point! lol

    i have found a video of bette from today (Monday 21st april etc)

    hope the link works

    much love as always


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