Then She Found Me: For A List Of Theatres, Cities, And Dates

For a list of theaters, cities and dates:

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5 thoughts on “Then She Found Me: For A List Of Theatres, Cities, And Dates

  1. what a good little review… it makes me happy, truly, but never had a better role????? HELLO! has this dude not seen the rose, beaches, stella, for the boys??????????

  2. I was thinking the same thing, but I was glad to see this. On my blog header I’m already starting her Oscar campaign…..Yay!

  3. I’m so glad she’s getting awesome reviews on this one. Finally another great movie that not only her devoted fans will love. Bette so deserves to have one more big hit!!! omg, I can smell that oscar, too.

  4. remember , I told you Mr. D that if you saw Leonard at the NY screening to smack him for me, because i dont remember him giving her many good reviews. Well, I am sorry, I was wrong, he singles her out often as good , its the films he was not fond of. ( and I have his book sitting here next to me)
    The Rose – ” Midler ( in her starring debut) and Forrest deliver dynamic performances,…”
    For the Boys- “Midler is in top form..”
    Beaches – “…as a vehicle for Midler its dynamite, and she even gets to sing.”

    There are a few of his reviews of her films that mention her specifically. So it is very nice to see how he felt about this performance. And YAY !!! Mr. D!! I love that you already have an Oscar campaign going! lol 😀

    OOOOOO how about if I get it tattooed on me like those people that get paid for getting tattoos for advertisement !! lol 😀

  5. yeah, too bad the oscar process is not a democratic process… she’d have it in the bag!! man, wouldn’t that be amazing?!?!?!

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