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Will You See THEN SHE FOUND ME This Weekend…

Mister D: Those people who saw the movie last opening weekend in NY and LA can vote “Yes” or the last option if you’re going to see it again. I should have had an option for those that had already seen the film…..

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8 thoughts on “Will You See THEN SHE FOUND ME This Weekend…

  1. It will open may 9th in Phoenix… 🙁 so i will go then.

    Did u see Helen Hunt on Jay Leno and Ellen ?

    She did speak a little about the movie. On Jay Leno they showed the scene with her and Bette walking on the street. But she didnt say anything about Bette, except that she plays her mother in the movie.

    And on Ellen she didnt say anything about Bette.

    Thanks for the updates !

    Keep up the Divine work


  2. Yes I saw it. I have a feeling there might be a little tension because Bette won’t help promote the movie. And it’s just a guess. All the other actors have attended festivals and have done talk shows, etc. I think they thought Bette would at least do some talk shows to get the word out. However, Bette stays so busy with other things and can basically do what she wants. She’s busted her butt of 40 years it seems…..:-)

    But it is cool to see Bette getting all these great reviews. WE need to keep her name out there for Oscar time….:-)

    Thanks Mihai

  3. Well dang it, I tried your suggestion but if I submit the new option it sets everything back to zero. Since you saw it the first weekend in limited release you could just say YES…:-)

  4. Posting this for Cris V….

    I won`t see the movie again this weekend because I`ll be waiting for Mister D to call me again,REMEMBER? LOL! Btw,I saw the movie, truely enjoied it and even wrote a review about it. Interested? It`s kind of unusual…just like its writer. LOL!
    Well, I think Helen is right. She must talk about the movie. This is Helen`s “For the Boys”. Bette already had her turn to work her butt off for a project she believed and promote everywhere…
    It`s about the MOVIE,a team effort and, above all, Helen Hunt`s efforts. Bette is,fortunately,part of it,but not the only subject to talk about. I personally think it`s soooo boring when those entertainment journalists ask stupid questions like “what made BETTE MIDLER interested in the part”or “how did you lowed down because, after all,you are BETTE MIDLER”…What people forget is that she is also an actress HELLOOOOOOO! And thanks to Helen she had the opportunity to remind audiences of that…
    P.S: If I was a rich 62 year old, married to a German artist and had those fabulous legs and I wouldn`t promote s@#t! LOL!

  5. Well, I guess I’ve been living under a rock, because I just found out that the movie is not opening here (Richmond, Va) this weekend. I had planned on going but, obviously can’t now. What’s the deal?? And, am I the only one who has not seen any TV ads for the movie? All I keep seeing is Iron Man, and Made of Honor.

  6. I hear you loud and clear Dana….I just posted the cities and dates. Saw only Arlington and Fairfax so far in your state….I’m sure it will open wider as the weeks pass….

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