Beaches Bloopers (Thank you Jamilla)

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11 thoughts on “Beaches Bloopers (Thank you Jamilla)

  1. This is from the New Edition Beaches DVD. There is a ton of extra’s on it, including these bloopers. It is very funny.

  2. this is so great and funny, does Bette always swear, i mean there is only a few of her bloopers where she doesn’t, i also noticed that alot of what they filmed was cut, but them bits looked good?

  3. Don, I think I saw the beaches special edition somewhere in your CD rack…

    @Jamie, thanks for posting!

  4. Haley: Hate to tell you, but I think she’s a pretty big swearer…I think she tries not to, but….:-)

    Katrin: Well that copy didn’t say anything about bloopers I don’t think…I’ll have to check. I feel like an idiot. God must have been drunk when he made me…is that bad to say????? 🙂

    Love. D

  5. That was totally cool. I would love to see more Bette Bloopers cause she is so naturally funny!!Thanks. Got Any more????

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