“strike the part about the pork… I’ll get letters”

Mister D: Here’s yet another interview of Bette talking about TSFM among other things. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Katrin and Karen. And nobody from here better be sending any letters to her or making rude comments. Check your own houses before you start throwing stones.

Love, Mister D

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17 thoughts on ““strike the part about the pork… I’ll get letters”

  1. Jill:

    I think she just had a moment of forgetfulness. They had a few scenes together (non-talking) in SW’s. In an interview during KMB she said she didn’t think she ever sang any Bob Dylan songs…and she had, of course….the duet on Bob’s “Buckets of Rain” and, one of my faves…”I Shall Be Released.”

    And thank you for the compliment. Never can get enough of those for inspiration to keep on keeping on…:-)

    Love, Mister D

  2. Don’t you understand?, in that movie Bette became a Perfect wife, and a perfect wife don’t remenber other men!!! (-:

  3. hey i don’t understand why she didn’t like the bit about the pork, why did she want to scrap it?
    i an from the uk so plz forgive me.

  4. i actually undrstand now after watchin it again, sorry i am so thick (so embarrassed) :$

  5. Don’t worry Hayley…I had my blond moment, too. Hit me over the head with a cue…

    I know I’ll get in trouble for this…but I’m not religious so I find some of these restrictions kind of silly….

    Sorry peeps…it’s just how I feel.

  6. So sorry but I don’t get it? What’s the deal with the pork? I’m confused:( Does it have anything to do with her religion?

  7. Thanks Mr. D:) It came to me right after I submitted the comment:) I had a blond moment too. Lol. Keep up the amazing work on the site. It’s the highlight of my morning to log on and catch Bette news:)

  8. Hahaha oh, Bette. I loved this interview. Although she did seem a tad frustrated, almost as if she didn’t really want to be there.

    PS – I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before, but I’ve been reading forever. Thanks Mr. D!! I love Bootleg Betty!!

  9. Thanks for the compliment Kristina. Please feel free to comment anytime. Glad to have you here…

    Love, Mister D

  10. Oh God…Bette should consult US before interviews,so we can remind her of who she has worked with and what songs she has recorded! LOL! It seems she`s got another German man in her life, ALOIS ALZHEIMER!!!! LOL!

  11. Well, there’s a bit of Oscar buzz for her role in Then She Found Me, so maybe she does’t want to remind anyone that she was in The Stepford Wives… lol.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I loved Stepford Wives.

  12. If you think sbout it she really didn’t have to do any kind of scenes with Matthew, so maybe that’s what she meant.

  13. You have to follow the instructions given below the comment box. if you can’t do it Barry will help you when we’re in Toronto….

    Love, Don

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