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BallyHoo….Who? What?

Good afternoon gonados and gonadas…I don’t even know what that means sing polly wolly doodle all the day! Anyway…..(long sigh)

My own personal brown-eyed MF Jeff…and a BetteHead wrote to say that they are having some kind of poster exhibition at the Smithsonian…BTW looks like they are using Bette’s second album caricature as their masthead or whatever…that just sounds nasty to me, but what do I know…

Anyway, thanks to Jeff, and here’s the link: Click Here

Love, Mister D

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3 thoughts on “BallyHoo….Who? What?

  1. I went there the other day!!
    But, I did not see Bette.
    I saw many diffrent things, but, no Bette.
    Im going back tomorrow…its good living in DC…and I’ll have to look and see if I can find Bette.

  2. Didja miss me mister D? Good.
    I’m so behind in my bootlegbetty readershipnessness! Hot diggidy!
    I found a review for TSFM on… wait for it…
    They rated it a B and said “The foundation of Then She Found Me, Helen Hunt’s directorial debut, rests upon very simple sitcom-worthy principles. However, the execution is a gentle mix of unsentimental drama and unforced character comedy.”
    They didn’t say much (or anything) about Bette but um I guess she’s not huge on the indie scene? xx haha <3

  3. Of course you’re missed. You’re a BetteHead whether you know it or not just by eyeballing this page….

    Bette’s a huge star. The question is whether the indie scene will open their arms to an already established star?

    With this film, I think she will and already has been accepted once you add up the positives and negatives on her performance alone.

    The major criteria for me is….did I like it. LOL

    Love, D

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