Upcoming Bette Appearances….

I don’t have confirmed dates, but this comes from Bette’s office, as far as the upcoming TV appearances Bette will make. Molly this is especially for you! 🙂

Photo: Scavullo

To promote the next round of Bette’s highly acclaimed Vegas extravaganza, “The Showgirl Must Go On,” at Caesar’s Palace these are the TV Appearances (or not) Bette will appear on at this time:

  • There will be NO Oprah show this round
  • Look out for her appearance on JAY LENO’S SHOW
  • Look out for her appearance on THE VIEW. The View will be in Las Vegas some time in June, so keep an eye/ear out for this.

This is all I have for now, but it helps narrow down the search…LOL

Love, Mister D

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7 thoughts on “Upcoming Bette Appearances….

  1. thank you. sorry, i guess i saw it and “wishfull thinking” took over. lol 🙂 thanks again.

  2. Don’t apologize…it was a good question. I just decided to find out and got even more information….so thank you.

  3. Hey

    Just in case anybody missed Bette on Oprah the first time around.
    They are going to re-air it on June 18th.

    Just a little heads up.

  4. hey, i was on the website for the view and it said that the week of Vegas shows go from Monday June 23rd till Friday June 27th and Bette is on Friday. There’s no one elses name i think, so she may be on the entire show. Kinda like a “save the best for last” kinda deal. lol just thought i would let ya know.

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