Then She Found Me:
Prince Charming Reports From Down Under

Mister D: Prince Charming (I feel a fainting spell coming) reports from the Land Of Oz on Then She Found Me:

TSFM opened in the first European market this weekend. It started in Italy, debuting in the number 5 spot, taking in a sensational 532,000 USD! It is playing in 142 theaters and generated the second highest per theater average in the top ten. Bette is getting great reviews and the film gets lots of praise for being ‘real’ and not just another Hollywood-cliché.

It is also holding up well in Australia, still in the top ten despite the blockbuster competition.
I think this is great news. However, I’m also a bit frustrated that think-film weren’t able to get a wider US-release. A small country such as Italy shows it on as many screens as the whole US? And if it can go top ten down under and in old Europe, why the hell shouldn’t that be possible in the US?

I think they wasted a great opportunity…. but what do I know… I’m just glad Bette’s in a movie that is worth her talent, even though she of course deserves the leading-part. I hope her perfomance will get her some more good job-offers…fingers crossed…


Mister D: I have to agree with MY Prince Charming about the U.S. I’m sure there’s a good reason why the movie didn’t have a wider release, but it’s disappointing anyway. It is hanging on in the Top 20 here which is great, but it seems like for now it’s just going to fade out quickly with no more theater’s being added. It’s great the DVD is coming out in late September because I think it will do well and bring attention to the Academy during awards season.

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2 thoughts on “Then She Found Me:
Prince Charming Reports From Down Under

  1. Don!!!! get this crap!! TSFM opened here for a WEEK!!!! played in the one art house theatre then left. AFTER ONE WEEK!!!! I didnt even get to see it 🙁 I am so pissed!!! I cant wait now for the dvd. I just cant believe how quickly it disappeared 🙁 oh well. CRAP CRAP CRAP!

  2. That does suck….I guess they just didn’t have the money for promotion. I never did see an advertisement for it on screen or otherwise….it’s a shame. Hopefully it won’t get looked over at Oscar time…

    Love, D

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